Dear Visitor

The Tamar Regional Council welcomes you to the Dead Sea and wishes you a pleasant stay and a relaxing, enjoyable vacation.

For your information please note that:

1. The hotel complex is surrounded by public parking at a fee, which includes a system of enforcement and supervision in order to maintain order and security.

2. All paid parking areas are clearly marked and priced.

3. All vehicles (including private cars, commercial vehicles and buses) parked in the public parking lots and along the sidewalks (blue / white) are obliged to pay for parking.

4. It is accepted that a vehicle parked in the private hotel / hotel parking area is not obligated to pay.

5. Hours of operation: Paid Parking is enforced:

Sunday to Thursday, from 08:00 to 19:00.

Fridays and holiday eves, from 08:00 to 16:00.

Saturdays and holidays: Free parking.

6. Tariff: Cost of parking per hour: 6 ILS.

7. Available payment methods:

Card counters (16 parking meters marked with a prominent sign), "Pango" (4500 *), "Isipark" (Dead Sea 47-01) and "Salopark" (Dead Sea 9070 *).

8. Method of payment at the meters (detailed instructions for use appear on each meter):

A. The ticket meter can only be paid with coins.

B. The parking meter is determined according to the amount paid for the required time period.

C. The date and end of the parking time are shown on the issued card.

Please note: Parking contrary to the provisions of the law, according to the signposts will incur legal fines at all hours of the day.